A couple of weeks ago, MUSE announced the winners for their 2020 Creative Awards. And, well, we won. Big. Our When This is Over PSA we created for The ALS Association’s We Can’t Wait campaign took home the top prize in its category.

4,618 submissions from nearly 60 countries and we were a Platinum Winner!

We know. We still can’t quite believe it ourselves. We were shocked, and humbled, and excited, and eager to share the news with our friends, colleagues, and clients. In fact, if you’re reading this, we may already have told you.

But now the dust has settled. And we thought it would be fun to share some of the downright awesome, write-home-to-momma* creative work from other platinum winners around the world.

Fair warning: We’re about to share some intimidatingly good creative.

1: Find that Ferrari Feeling

Agency: Platigue Image
City: Warsaw, Poland
Client: Ferrari
Category: Video

The white-knuckle rush of a rollercoaster meets the thrill of cherry red Ferrari’s in this digital vs. live-action showdown. It’s an emotional and technical masterpiece. When creating a 3D Model of the GT250—it’s a $27M car for heaven’s sake—the Polish team at Platigue Image had to break out a specialized drone to do the scanning. We’re glad they did. Because know we now know what it feels like to put your foot down in some of the fastest cars on Earth.

2: See The World Differently

Agency: Paradox Media Pte Ltd
City: Singapore, Singapore
Client: Cannon Singapore Pte Ltd
Category: Advertising

Paradox Media’s campaign for Cannon Singapore disposes of the technical and mechanical nature of photographic lenses in favor of exploring the wonder that those lenses reveal. Centered on the ‘Architect,’ a Willy Wonka style protagonist, the ad shares a whimsical and eccentric tour of life through multiple different lenses.

3: Pokémon GO: Buddy Adventures

Agency: Maverick Media
City: London, England
Client: Pokémon
Category: Online AD

Maverick Media perfectly capture the childhood wonder of imaginary friends and the equally imaginative companions in Pokémon Go. The stuffed-toy Squirtle poking his head above the dining table for a stare off against the little girl doing her homework is a heart-melter.

4: Photorealistic AR Psittacosaurus

Agency: Handbuilt Creative
City: Richmond, Australia
Client: TMAG
Category: Augmented Reality

The Tasmanian-based team at Handbuilt Creative developed one of the best AR apps we’ve seen. Dusty, Jurassic-aged bones ascend from the ground to form a dinosaur skeleton that bristles with anticipation before running into its cave. The creature emerges soon after—now fully clad in scaly armor—to stamp and squawk around its enclosure. Brilliant!

5: Your Baby is a Work of Art

Agency: Tuppi Criatividade
City: Bahia, Brazil
Client: Os Bebês da Lhais
Category: Advertising Campaign

Your Baby is a Work of Art_MUSE

What do you do it you’re a niche Brazilian boutique photography studio that specializes in maternity, newborn, and children portraiture? You ask Tuppi Criatividade to immortalize a month-old infant subject as archetypes of empowered women.

6: Naive New Beaters – I See Fire ft. Ana Zimmer

Agency: ZANE Productions
City: Los Angeles, CA
Client: Universal Music Group
Category: Video

Every impossibly long, open-top limo with a pool table and hot tub deserves a one-take birds-eye-view music video. ZANE Productions delight music lovers with this awesome concept. It’s a surreal party on wheels.

*Yes, everyone at Bugle did, in fact, write home to their mom’s about winning Platinum at the MUSE Creative Awards. Call your moms.