For more than 100 years, our client has helped their clients navigate the intersection of law and policy while providing the greatest number of pro bono hours of any major law firm in the world.
Now in its eleventh decade, their good work and good works demanded a diverse, collaborative set of perspectives to lead across an extensive range of practices, deals and disputes.

Bugle was honored to partner with our client to deliver a creative strategy and digital event experience that celebrated their diversity, and delivered on their broader agenda to drive culture, performance, and talent attraction through D&I.

Compounded by the ongoing health emergency and a year of remote work, this virtual yet truly global event, for the first time ever brought together all of the client’s racial and ethnic minority and LGBT+ communities from across the world to talk openly about the type of firm to which their lawyers and staff want to belong.

Uncovered, an inaugural global inclusion summit, looks beyond established conventions to uncover the inclusive acts that best support their people. More than just a celebration, Uncovered inspires a deeper dialogue about the hills ahead still to climb, and demonstrates their commitment to diverse perspectives, talented people, and the enduring promise to confront ongoing racism and injustice in our societies.