Be Empowered

Our client’s purpose is inspired by more than eleven decades of transformation. But, as their business grew, so, too, did the nuanced and sometimes complex processes by which its 27,000 employees find meaningful work opportunities, learn new skills, and celebrate each other’s successes. Our challenge was to create a flexible and credible brand strategy and platform that aligned their employee experience with their purpose-driven business strategy.

Approach // To bring their promise to life, we needed to understand the values, attitudes, and behaviors that powered an authentic and compelling employee experience. We distilled our insights into three complementary platforms. Each expressed a unique promise, program architecture, and identity system accentuating the connections to the corporate brand and business strategy. Other identifiers such as color, photography, typeface and grid, anchor the promise of a shared experience.

With the strategy complete, our client needed a place to bring their stories to life; a place for employees to access the services, programs, and resources they needed to strengthen their experience, forge their own path, and find their next challenge. Because people feel empowered when they know where to go and how to get started, we redesigned the user experience, navigation, and content around the different moments of a person’s career rather than corporate structures.

Outcome // In just 12 weeks, Bugle transformed the client’s people services link farm into an immersive, content-rich experience. Now with access to tools that empower people to run towards the experiences they want, our work set a new standard for the client’s expression of employer value proposition, and helped them to deliver on their promise to empower people to change the world.