When This Is Over

As some quarantines across the country ease and others regress to more restrictive states, many of us are reminded of the everyday things we took for granted. We socialized, celebrated holidays and birthdays with family, ran errands and sent kids off to school, never anticipating that a pandemic would so dramatically alter the way we live our lives.

But not all of us will return to these simple pleasures. When this is over, approximately 20,000 Americans living with ALS today will still live with the daily fear that one day, they will lose their fight to their disease. This stark reality in the inspiration behind our story. Our PSA brings into sharp focus why everyday people can’t wait until this global health crisis is over, why The ALS Association can’t wait to accelerate their pursuit for improved treatments and a cure, and why those living with ALS can’t wait until we do so that their lives, too, can someday return to normal.

2020 Platinum MUSE Creative Award Winner.